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Who We Are

Ken Smith

Sales-Mechanic-Research & Development-CFI-Owner


Ken Smith  has been flying since 1973 enjoying everything from paragliders, sailplanes, ultralights to Mooneys and Cherokees.  But his favorite is the amphibious float plane saying, "It's the last of the bandit flying."

He has built many planes and accumulated thousands of hours.  He can help transition pilots to light sport aircraft and float flying with instruction and endorsements.

He has years of experience designing and building float mount components as well as amphibious wheel designs for both rigid and inflatable type floats for experimental aircraft.

IMG_0218 (3).JPG
Tom Bauer

Sales-Mechanic-Research & Development-Owner of Aerosport Outfitters


Tom Bauer is a craftsman extraordinaire in wood, metal and composite construction. Tom has a background in composite "Flaircraft" for Peterson Ship Building.

Tom is an innovative designer of our amphibious gear construction, as well as a first class aircraft painter.


AEROSPORT Outfitters
​Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Tom Bauer | 920-493-1274​

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